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Mac Miller Biography

The then known Malcolm James McCormick was born on 19th January of 1992. The celebrated singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer came from his home town Pittsburgh, which also gave him a start in 2007 through hip-hop while he was only 15 years of age.

With his stage name of Mac Miller, his record label with Rostrum Records was signed in 2010. What followed was his big break when he released the mixtapes K.I.D.S and Best Day Ever. Even his debut album Blue Slides Park topped the Us Billboard 200.

His success led him to find his record label named REMember Music. After which, he was pursued and signed by the Warner Bros with whom he released three successful albums. His 4th album highlighted his legacy on a high note when it got nominated for the Grammys.

The Musical Journey of Mac Miller

Millers’ evolution of music is one of the most astounding ones the industry has witnessed, reflecting the battles within himself. Since his teen, he evolved to become an untapped talent holding deep emotions which he expressed through his music.

He was initially known for his frat boy music, which paved his career path, and he earned his place in a few remarkable years. From classic party hits to the mellow bits of his lyrics, you could witness the artist’s acoustic growth, which didn’t fail to inspire countless loyal fans and other struggling artists.

Either it’s pop, soft rock, or his tinge of emo-rap, he gave his all. His voice still gives a soulful touch to many, and we will keep it alive through our merchandise.


Mac Miller, with his renowned debut album Blue Slide Park released a total of six studio albums. Even his debut play On and On and Beyond entered the Us Billboard 200, making him the creator of two extended plays and thirteen mixtapes, of which one also entered the US Billboard hot 100.

His fans also enjoyed and witnessed his marvel through his 41 singles and 62 music video releases, which earned him the platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy

This is the first mixtape by the veteran rapper, Mac Miller. The tape dropped and broke records and set new standards for the rappers coming in the industry. The mixtape was released in 2007 when the rapping game was not that strong or common and the old rappers like Eminem and Snoop Dogg were fierce competitors for new entrant. Still Mac Miller did wonders with this mixtape.

How High

It was a self-released tape without the support of any labels and still the tape did wonders. Such was its greatness. Released in 2008, and available on digital download format, Mac Miller partnered with Beedie to drop this mixtape as part of the Ill Spoken album. The album and the mixtape did wonders after coming out and were a huge success for the rapper.

The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown

Another self-released album with no label support and the format just being digital download, The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown, did a wonderful job when it was released in 2009 while competing with very successful mixtapes from big names like Eminem and 50 Cent. This was one of the best mixtapes in his life and he talked about it several times in interviews too.

K. I. D. S.

This was a mixtape with a label support and that too a reputable name. The popular record Label Rostrum released the mixtape. It got released in 2010 which was very early in Mac Miller’s career and yet it was released trough a big label which defined how good the rapper is in what he does. The mixtape was available for digital download as well as LP which made it highly grossing.

Best Day Ever

After huge success of K. I. D. S., Rostrum decided to release another mixtape by Mac Miller as they earned a lot by the first one. Best Day Ever was released in 2011 and was available on digital download, CD as well as LP. In US R&B/HH, it peaked the chart position till 17th place which is a huge achievement in presence of such a fierce competition.

I Love Life, Thank You

Released in 2011, only around 3 years after the start of Mac Miller’s career. It was a huge success and it gave a great message of self love and accepting yourself for who you are. It was contrary to the normal rap songs and tapes of that time and today which promote violence, vulgarity and hate. It spread a message of love and positivity.


Released in 2012, another mixtape released through the label of Rostrum who saw and realized the kind of gem Mac Miller was and took him in. The mixtape was just available on the online platform but it still did wonders and was one of the most grossing mixtapes in Mac Miller’s life and Rostrum label.

Delusional Thomas

Released in 2013 without the support of any record labels, Delusional Thomas was one of the lyrical masterpieces by Mac Miller. The songs had deep lyrics, soulful music and had a great reach and popularity amongst fans across the globe. Mac Miller made a lot of money through this and that too without a label.


Mac Miller had done around nine tours covering From Sydney to California, being a treat to fans around the globe. His concerts were always electrifying and with the soothing vibe that the audience loved about the artist. The tickets are mostly pre-booked for any occasion, whether it be a festival or a concert.

His Swimming tour was scheduled to happen but met with his untimely demise. Yet his fan base still lives on who can always be a part of his tours through the Mac miller Merch available here.

Famous Hits

The tracks from his decade long career venture are still celebrated to the date. He delivered Billboard charting albums and several mixtapes distinctively applauded by fans and fellow artists alike.

The jazz set in Diablo-Faces, the aspirational Donald Trump-Best day Ever, and the smooth flow of Nikes On My Feet K.I.D.S depicted his lyrical superiority as he made a mark as one of the finest artists of the industry.

That’s why we also provide you his lyrical merchandise to remember his bars by.

Best of his Clothing Merchandise

The love for an artist is always inexpressible, so we have created for you the most high-quality merchandise for the Mac Miller fans. We have got you all covered with our always stocked up supply of Mac Miller fits for you.

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Death of an Icon

The twenty-six-year-old artist at the peak of his success and timeless creativity left the world untimely. He was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home due to an apparent drug overdose. The news brought shock to his fellow musicians who shared the industry as well as his worldwide fans.

Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life was a tribute to the late singer in Los Angeles, and the proceeds were directed towards supporting the artists of the youth and funding various community-building programs.

Billboard Success

With his groundbreaking debut album Blue Slide Park being no.1 on the Billboard 200 chart, Mac miller ruled the billboards and our hearts alike.

His song Good News made him appear for the first time on the top 10 Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. And prior to this his song Self Care was on that very list!
So it’s safe to say that the singer had his fair share of time at the Billboard, even being the eighth at Hot Rap Songs ranking and making it to the Billboard hot 100 too.

The Mission We Have

Supplying you the utmost caliber, satisfying the customer needs, and carrying on Mac miller’s legacy is our utmost priority and mission. This line of products brings forth the singer’s style to you with lasting quality while connecting you to his last album, Swimming going through his musical journey.

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